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The Duxbury Beach Book is the first-ever to explore the history, nature, and beauty of Duxbury Beach, Gurnet-Saquish, and Clark’s Island.

This all-color, hard-cover book contains incredible historical and present-day photographs of beachscapes and wildlife. Nine chapters of text describe the geology of the beach, its history, the old and new Powder Point Bridge, the storms that have battered the beach, and the people and events that have had an impact on Duxbury Beach. Did you ever wonder why the beach isn’t overrun with cottages, like the coast to the north and south? Did you know the town of Duxbury rents the beach and doesn’t actually own it? Did you ever wonder how the beach gets repaired after major storms like the No-Name storm of October, 1991? Did you know that the Gurnet, Saquish, and Clark’s Island are part of the town of Plymouth? The Duxbury Beach Book is a truly fascinating read and a wonderful compilation done by people who love and respect the beach. It is the essential coffee table book for anyone who has ever enjoyed a day at the beach and the perfect gift for any occasion. . Proceeds from the sale of the book will go toward preserving the beach, including repair after winter storms, annual grass planting, and dune nourishment.