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Restoration and Preservation


 The Duxbury Beach Reservation, Inc. funds routine maintenance, storm damage repair, and innovative projects such as the cobble berm from a share of parking receipts from the pavilion, the town of Duxbury’s annual lease payment, and the support of people who care about the beach.



 Preservation projects tend to be more long term and include geological studies to measure beach movement and more recently, a three-year study to identify the beach’s vegetation, animals (invertebrates, fish, amphibians and reptiles, birds, and mammals), and invasive species. Dune nourishment has always been a long-term concern. Ever since the first known project in 1832, work has typically focused on the ocean side of the beach. But more recently the Reservation has begun to consider erosion on the bay side, especially where the channel comes closest to the beach. Last winter the Reservation built a protective cobble berm up against the road where waves from the channel had created a sharp drop-off. The berm is a moderately sloping ramp of cobble (rounded stones) that allows storm waves to percolate through and prevent backwash from carrying sediment away from the beach and road. The Reservation is also studying ways to strengthen the marsh on the bay side of the beach so that dune sand from storm overwash will not slide into the bay.

The restoration and preservation of Duxbury Beach are ongoing concerns of the Reservation. Restoration projects take place on an annual basis early in the spring. Each winter brings storms that do some degree of damage to the beach and dunes, requiring replacement of sand- and other fencing, planting of beach grass, and sometimes the importation of many cubic yards of sand. Though less catastrophic than the October 1991 or December 1992 storms, the April 2007 nor’easter did approximately $500,000 worth of damage, which must be repaired before the plovers and terns return and begin to look for nesting sites.

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